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The new GEMU pressure control valves are reliable, flexible and precise.
10 abril 2015, (Alemania)

GEMU pressure control valves are manufactured from plastic, require little maintenance and allow flexibility of use, while providing optimal pressures in the most varied of process plants.

Pressure control valves control the upper pressure limits, lower the pressure or balance out pressure fluctuations. Three versions are available depending on the operation required. The valves can be obtained in the nominal sizes of DN 10 to DN 100... [+]
Empresa: Gemu Fuente: Gemu
Valves for ANSI-compliant power plants
22 octubre 2014, (Alemania)

In response to the large demand for power plant valves in countries using ANSI/ASME standards, the KSB Group has further developed and completed its range of gate valves, globe valves and check valves.

Under the type series names SICCA and ZTS, KSB valves now cover all pressure classes up to ANSI Class 4500. Their nominal diameters range from 1/2 to 32 inch. Operating temperatures, depending on the material, can be as high as 650 C/1,200 F. The maximum permissible pressure equals 600 bar or 8,700 psi...[+]
Empresa: KSB Fuente: KSB
6,580 valves for new power station in India
19 septiembre 2014, (Alemania)

A new steam power plant is currently being built in Barh, in the Indian State of Bihar. For this purpose, the KSB Group supplied a two-digit million euro amount worth of valves by April 2014.

The complete order comprised 6,580 gate valves, globe valves and check valves as well as other types of valves. About one third of these valves are manufactured at the German KSB site of Pegnitz. A large part of the scope of supply is also made in our valves factory in India... [+]
Empresa: KSB Fuente: KSB
Valves for a power station of the future
18 agosto 2014, (Alemania)

As part of the "725 HWTII" project, KSB Aktiengesellschaft has successfully tested a high-performance gate valve at the "GroSkraftwerk Mannheim (GKM)" power plant.

The gate valve is designed for a new generation of fossil-fuelled power stations with improved efficiency achieved by using steam temperatures above 700 C. Two prototypes from the ZTS valve range have successfully completed a test period of almost two years, continuously operating at 725 C.
Empresa: KSB Fuente: KSB
Explosionproof CMA actuators deliver "Performance Plus" process valve control
17 abril 2014, Bath (Reino Unido)

Available in quarter-turn, rotary and linear versions, robust Rotork CMA actuators perform numerous process control valve, metering pump and damper applications. Single-phase or DC electrical power is all that is required for simplified installation and control valve actuation in safe or hazardous areas. Explosionproof certification to international standards is available.

The latest "Performance Plus" development introduces a user selectable increased shut-off torque/thrust option. Developed in response to industry feedback, this option enables a more tailored and cost-effective sizing regime to be applied to both the modulating and tight shut-off demands of the control valve. A tight shut-off is often required as part of the valve duty, leading to potential over-sizing of the actuator for mid-travel modulating operations. The increased torque/thrust option is selected and configured during the actuator set-up programme, as part of a logical menu-driven process using an internal electronic LCD display and pushbuttons.
Empresa: Rotork Fuente: Rotork
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