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Voith Hydro Presents New Study on the Role of Pumped Storage Systems in the Energy Transition in Berlin: No More Waste o
15 abril 2014, (Alemania)

Utilizing wind and solar energy more efficiently, cutting down on fossil fuels and providing secured capacity - this is the contribution to be made by pumped storage power plants in Germany by 2050. This is the key result of a new study of Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH Aachen University) about the future role of pumped storage power plants in Germany. The study, commissioned by Voith Hydro, was presented in Berlin today.

Within the context of the energy transition, the scientists of RWTH examined the role of pumped storage power plants, i. e. large power stores, for two scenarios: one for the year 2030 with a 60 percent share of renewable energies in power generation, and one for the year 2050 with a share of 80 percent...(+)
Empresa: Voith Hydro Fuente: Voith
Emerson releases new bulk storage tank relief valve for propane tank applications
11 abril 2014, Mckinney (TX) (USA)

Emerson Process Management has released the new Fisher Type 63EGLP Bulk Storage Tank Relief Valve, typically used on 30,000 gallon and larger propane tank applications. The Type 63EGLP offers multiple benefits over traditional multiport relief valves, including a 40% increase in relief capacity, a 20% weight reduction for easier installation, and reduced maintenance costs. The UL-certified relief valve is approved for bulk propane storage relief installations compliant with NFPA 58.

The Type 63EGLP achieves significantly greater relief capacity than a traditional multiport relief by incorporating a highly accurate pilot controlling valve. This pilot controlling valve has been used for decades in petrochemical and natural gas applications and has proven to be both accurate and highly reliable. The 40% capacity increase translates into significant savings for tanks of 90,000 gallons or larger, requiring only two Fisher Type 63EGLP's versus three traditional multiport relief valves. Installation is simplified due to a 20% reduction in weight and a reduction in overall size in comparison to multiport relief valves, along with an included lifting sling.
Empresa: Emerson Fuente: Emerson
FMC Technologies Awarded $64 Million Contract From Pemex
24 enero 2014, Houston (USA)

FMC Technologies, Inc. announced that it has signed a three-year contract with Pemex Exploration and Production for the manufacture and supply of surface wellheads to support its drilling and well maintenance programs in the Gulf of Mexico. The award is expected to result in approximately $64 million in revenue to FMC Technologies if all of the equipment is ordered. The agreement provides assurance that at least 40 percent of the contractual value will be ordered by Pemex during the three-year call-off period.

FMC Technologies' scope of supply includes surface wellheads and production trees, as well as installation and supervision services for Pemex's operations in its Southwest Marine Region of the Gulf of Mexico. The equipment will be supplied from FMC Technologies' operations in Mexico.

"We appreciate the opportunity to extend our support of Pemex," said Johan Pfeiffer, FMC Technologies' Vice President, Surface Technologies. "FMC Technologies has historically played a significant role in Pemex's developments, and this new award expands that relationship."
Empresa: FMC Technologies Fuente: FMC Technologies
Metso investing in a new Neles globe valve technology center in South Korea
22 enero 2014, (Finlandia)

To respond to the growing global demand for reliable valve technology, Metso has decided to build a new green-field global valve technology center in Chungju, South Korea. The investment will strengthen Metso s control valve and service capabilities for customers in the oil & gas and power industries, both locally and globally. The new facility will be ready to begin global deliveries in September 2014.

In addition to manufacturing, the new center will feature state-of-the-art control valve testing facilities and engineering services to ensure flexible and timely deliveries worldwide. The new center will also house research and development, engineering, and service support units for South Korean EPC companies, which play a major role in many projects worldwide.
Empresa: Metso Fuente: Jussi Ollila (Metso)
Compact actuators for LNG cryogenic valves
20 enero 2014, Bath (Reino Unido)

The use of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as a cheaper and less polluting alternative to diesel for generators providing the power to remote sites is becoming increasingly widespread. With many thousands of sites throughout the world, oil and gas drilling industry companies are among the operators who have introduced the technique, which involves the use of specialised trailer-based plant to deliver, store and process the gas prior to combustion.

LNG is transported to site in specially designed tankers which also store the liquid gas at the cryogenic temperature of -162 g Celsius. A separate trailer, housing the re-gasification system, normally sits between the tanker and the generator. The main component of the re-gasification system is the vaporiser, which converts the LNG from liquid to gas and feeds it to the point of use. This system, together with auxiliary processes including pressure building in the tanker to improve flow, utilises scores of valves which are typically small, cryogenic and tightly arranged within a compact installation ... (+)
Empresa: Rotork Fuente: Rotork
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