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Pakscan wireless valve control is “perfect fit” for tank farm automation
4 abril 2013, Bath (Reino Unido)

The Rotork Pakscan wireless valve control system is described as a “perfect fit” for a petroleum tank farm automation project in the USA.

In 2011, an operating division of Martin Midstream Partners (MMLP) began building a single product tank farm at the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, consisting of six 100,000 barrel tanks and four booster pumps to serve nearby truck and ship loading terminals. Originally, the facility was designed for a single hydrocarbon product. The terminal’s original specifications did not require any automated valves to isolate the individual storage tanks.

During construction, MMLP decided to upgrade and introduce the capability to handle a second product, which necessitated the requirement of isolating the tanks to avoid cross-contamination. To achieve this, MMLP specified Rotork electric valve actuation under centralised control. The explosion proof Rotork IQ non-intrusive intelligent actuators are monitored and controlled by a Rotork Pakscan P3 digital system, designed specifically for valve actuation duties and the environments associated with hazardous area petrochemical plants and storage areas. The Rotork system incorporates all appropriate interlocks which safeguard the integrity of the terminal operations.

Empresa: Rotork Fuente: Rotork
Voith Modernizes Turbines for Norway s Largest Energy Supplier Statkraft
26 marzo 2013, Heidenheim (Alemania)

Voith will modernize six turbines for Norway largest energy supplier Statkraft in four different Norwegian hydropower stations. The recently signed contract has a volume of about ten million Euro.

Within the framework of the contract Voith will be modernizing the turbines in the power stations Oevre Roessaaga, Nedre Roessaaga, Baatsvatn and Vessingfoss. The plants, which were installed between 1955 and 1975, will receive six new Francis turbines and in future generate up to ten percent more output.
Empresa: Voith Fuente: Voith
Sulzer Pumps and FMC Technologies Sign a Long-term and Exclusive Collaboration Agreement on Subsea Pumps
5 febrero 2013, Winterthur (Suiza)

Sulzer Pumps Ltd and FMC Technologies, Inc. strengthened their existing relationship through the signing of a long-term and exclusive collaboration agreement. This agreement addresses the supply of pumps for subsea applications and the further development of pumping technology of Sulzer Pumps to meet the future needs of FMC Technologies and the subsea exploration and production industry.

Through this agreement, both companies aim to further leverage leading-edge technology that they have already been collaborating on such as world-class pumps from Sulzer Pumps, and subsea systems and advanced permanent magnet motor technology from FMC Technologies.

"The signing of this long-term and exclusive collaboration agreement is a natural progression of the long-standing cooperation already in place between Sulzer Pumps and FMC Technologies," said Tore Halverson, Senior Vice President of Subsea Technologies, FMC Technologies...[+]
Empresa: Sulzer Fuente: Sulzer
Swagelok Company Announces New Distribution in Central and Southeastern Europe
30 enero 2013, Solon (OH) (USA)

Swagelok Company is pleased to introduce new sales and service leadership for customers in the countries of Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Beginning April 1, the service area currently covered by Vaust Ventile & Fitting will transition to Dr. Osvaldo Bosetti of Nordival srl, the Swagelok authorized sales and service center in Italy. The new organization will be headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Bosetti will be responsible for all business operations.

Dr. Bosetti brings with him 19 years of experience in the Swagelok sales organization, including distinguished leadership for customers in Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Turkey. His team will offer broad fluid system technology expertise to customers along with a wide range of fluid system components, deep inventory levels, and a growing suite of services, including training, technical assistance, inventory management, and Swagelok® Custom Solutions.

Empresa: Swagelok Fuente: Swagelok
Rotork IQ3 intelligent valve actuators specified for strategic gas pipeline
28 enero 2013, Bath (Reino Unido)

The third stage of the massive West-East Gas Pipeline Project (WEPP) in China will utilise the latest Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric actuators for valve control at compressor stations, manifolds and storage facilities.

During the past decade, thousands of Rotork IQ intelligent electric valve actuators have been installed on stages one and two of the 4000 kilometre long West-East Gas Pipeline network that runs through sixty-six counties in the ten provinces of China. The first stage of this huge undertaking, which opened in 2004, brings natural gas from the Tarim Basin gas fields in Xinjiang to the Yangtze River Delta area for the production of electricity.

In 2008 construction began on a second pipeline, in part running parallel to and interconnected with the first. The second pipeline runs from Xinjiang to Guangzhou and is being followed by two further pipeline developments, all designed to supply billions of cubic metres of gas to satisfy the burgeoning demand for energy in China’s industrial and population centres.

With construction of the third stage now underway, Rotork is beginning to fulfil orders with IQ3 intelligent electric actuators. Launched in 2012, the IQ3 is designed to dovetail seamlessly into existing IQ actuator installations and control protocols, whilst introducing new levels of functionality and asset management abilities, combined with further refinements to a well-proven and rugged mechanical design...[+]
Empresa: Rotork Fuente: Rotork
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