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Disposal of LGE Process and completion of acquisition of Mathena Inc
2 enero 2013, Glasgow (Reino Unido)

The Weir Group PLC (“Weir”) announces the sale of LGE Process to Babcock International Group PLC for an enterprise value of £23m. The transaction completed on 28 December 2012.

Weir also announces completion of the acquisition of Mathena, Inc on 31 December 2012. The terms of this transaction were announced on 20 December 2012.
Empresa: Weir Fuente: Weir
Rotork CVA delivers improved control valve performance on European gas supply pipeline
17 diciembre 2012, Bath (Reino Unido)

Rotork CVA electric control valve actuators are being installed during an upgrade programme on the pipeline network connecting Russia and Central Asia with Western Europe. Ukraine is an important part of this energy supply infrastructure which, in total, meets one third of Western Europe’s demand for natural gas.

The Ukranian energy company Ukrgaz Energo has made it a priority to modernise the network in its country, which handles approximately 90% of the gas supplied by Gazprom in Russia. In a recently completed project, twenty-eight Rotork CVA modulating electric valve actuators were installed on the compressor station at Bilche-Volytsa, replacing obsolete pneumatic equipment.

Rotork’s exclusive agent in Ukraine, ITO Ltd, supplied a package consisting of CVA (CVL linear output) actuators and new globe valves to improve diethylenglycol (DEG) control on the station’s dehumidification unit. Assembly, test and calibration of the actuators and valves was performed by ITO at their factory. CVA actuators deliver continuous, repeatable modulating control with a programmable fail to position option. Resolution, repeatability and hysteresis performance is quoted at less than 0.1% of full scale, offering suitability for the most demanding control valve applications...[+]

Empresa: Rotork Fuente: Rotork
SIPOS supports Stockholm’s district heating
14 diciembre 2012, Altdorf (Alemania)

Over two hundred SIPOS 5 Flash actuators have been installed as part of a major expansion of the district heating system in the Södermalm district of Stockholm. Managed by the utility Fortum, a network of underground insulated pipes and valves, automated by SIPOS’ devices, provides an essential service transferring hot water from centralised boilers to the local population.

Significant quantities of hot water at the scheme need to be diverted and shut-off as part of the system’s controls. As the water volume weighs many tonnes, rapid valve closure can result in excessive pressure, well over steady state values which can cause severe water hammer problems – this can result in pipes rupturing, being ripped off their mounts and pipe ‘whip’. With their ability to alter closure of speed subject to valve travel, SIPOS’ actuators address water hammer and were ideally suited for this application.

SIPOS actuators were installed at a variety of locations at the Södermalm scheme, including junction points. Requiring just one variable speed actuator at each installation, the technology provided cost and space saving benefits.
Empresa: Sipos Fuente: Sipos
All-electric Rotork valve control package selected for offshore wind farm
12 noviembre 2012, Bath (Reino Unido)

Rotork is supplying an all-electric valve actuation package encompassing isolating, regulating and modulating actuators with two-wire digital control for the DanTysk offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

Almost one hundred Rotork quarter-turn electric actuators will control butterfly valves on the DanTysk transformer platform, situated 70 kilometres west of the German island of Sylt. The contract includes fitting the actuators to the valves, which has been performed prior to delivery at the specialist actuation workshop facilities attached to Rotork Holland, where the order was won.

Approximately half the actuators are IQTPro intelligent isolating and regulating duty units, the balance comprising CVA fully modulating control valve actuators. Both designs share advanced and user friendly non-intrusive programming and commissioning technologies, combined with comprehensive integral data logging, diagnostic and asset management capabilities. Rugged, double-sealed IP68 watertight and explosionproof enclosures enhance long-term reliability in the harshest of environments, as can often be encountered in offshore applications.
Empresa: Rotork Fuente: Rotork
Alstom will supply equipment to the biggest hydro plant in Colombia
8 noviembre 2012, ()

Alstom has been awarded a contract worth around €170 million, by Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) to supply eight turbines and generators units for the Ituango hydro power plant. This power plant will be installed on the river Cauca in the Antioquia department, 170 km from Medellín (second city of Colombia and the capital of the Antioquia department). It will be the biggest hydro plant in Colombia, generating 2,400 MW. EPM is the leading power generation utility in Colombia with more than 3,200 MW of installed capacity.

The contract involves the supply of eight 300 MW Francis turbines, with their respective speed regulators and cylindrical gates, and eight generators with their respective excitation systems and bus bar. Alstom will be the sole turbines and generators supplier for the project. The first four generating units will be ready by 2018 and the other four will be ready by 2021.

All the equipment will be produced by Alstom Taubaté unit in São Paulo state, Brazil, one of the largest hydro power generation equipment factories in the world, dedicated to the Brazilian and South American markets, as well as exports worldwide.
Empresa: Alstom Fuente: Alstom
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